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Gears vs My Little Pony

((The following story was written about two years ago as a warm-up exercise to get some creative juices going. Some tweaks have been made to make it read easier. It came as a result of the following:
Mars: Give me a character and a sitch.
Mars: I need to write something new that's not work
Tam: hmmmm
Tam: Gears being attacked by the MLP of doom
Mars: LOL
Mars: *tries to imagine that*
Tam: XD
Tam: it's purple
Tam: and has wings
Mars: LOL
Mars: *dies laughing*
Mars: XD


Gears vs My Little Pony

One nice, sunny day, Gears found himself all alone in the Ark.

By all appearances, Gears didn't like the sunshine, but deep down, he liked it.

The sun was nice and bright and happy.

It reminded him of Cybertron during the Golden Age before years of war made the world dark and dreary.

Now this made him sad, but protecting the Earth was the duty of the Autobots, so he didn't mind that much.

Anyway, Gears was all alone in the Ark.

He wasn't quite sure of how this happened.

He remembered Prime leading out one group of bots to stop the Decepticons from doing something or other to Steal the Earth's Energy, thereby Having Enough Energy to Conquer Cybertron.

But he didn't remember everybody else leaving.

He was just in the medbay with Ratchet.

Or he thought he was.

Maybe he fell asleep without realizing it.


In any case, he was alone in the Ark.

At that moment, Teletraan-I issued an alert!

(Editor's Note: And by 'alone,' we were not counting Teletraan-I 'cause he's the computer built into the Ark. He can't move. . . . This time)

"Now what? My pulleys are squeaking again!" Gears grumbled as he made his way to Teletraan-I

"Alert: Unidentified Flying Object." Teletraan-I monotoned.

"'Unidentified’? Waddya mean 'unidentified’?"

"An Unidentified Flying Object has been seen flying over Portland."

"It's probably just one of those Decepticons. Wheeljack needs to fix your sensors!"

"Bring up a visual," Gears grumbled, knowing that he'd have to get to the bottom of this, even if he did think it was bogus.

Then he stared at the screen as UFO appeared on it.

[Gears] O_O;;; What the heck?!?!?!?

He couldn't--No!

And it--

"Whoa!" The base shook around him as the UFO took a shot at the base.

Gears struggled within himself as he ran down the halls of the Ark, pulling and replacing his gun in his subspace. This was not happening. It was too--too--Weird. Insane.

No one would believe him if he were to actually have his comm go through. This had to be some kind of trick; it had to be.

He ran to the light at the end of the long corridor, which marked the boundary between the Ark and the World outside. (For a full description of the Ark, please refer to an early text)

His optics adjusted to the brightness of the Terran day as he held his gun up threateningly. "All right, you. I'm gonna--"

He fell short as his optics once again widened in shock.

That was--

The sound of laserfire could be heard as a My Little Pony the size of a grown human's hand shot him right in the chest with the force of Megatron's arm cannon.

MLP- 1

Gears- 0


Gears fell back onto the ground, hard.

That slaggin' hurt.


And now he was mad.

Or he would be if he wasn't in such pain.

"All right, your slaarg-eating mammal," Gears growled, gritting his dental plates against the pain. "I'm gonna hit ya so hard you won't know what--"

Gears rolled away before another blast could hit him.

He watched as the little thing, flit flit flittered away.

"Get back here!" Gears roared, activating his air-jet thingers that he uses to spring high.

The flit, flit, flittering MLP just flit flittered its way up towards the sky.

"Now I got ya!" Gears said, aiming his gun at the MLP and firing, the force of the recoil pushing him back toward the ground.

"What?!??!" Gears exclaimed as the MLP just flit, flit, flitted out of the beam of his gun? "Errg, why you--!"

"Ahh!" he screamed as the MLP cheerfully hit him again and he fell to the ground below with a CRASH!

Okay, it was more like a Thunk!

"Ooon," Gears groaned.

Everything was out of focus and--what was that sound?

It sounded somewhat . . . happy?

The sound came from the MLP that was about a yard above his head.

Laughing. It was laughing at him. Laughing.

The little purple MLP with the feather-looking wings was laughing at him.

Blerg. The next time he saw that show on TV, he'd shoot at it, Teletraan-I and all.

The purple MLP struggled to stay in the air as it shook with its laughter.

His entire chassis ached. Agh. >.<.!

Gears reached for his gun. It had to be around here somewhere . . .

Pat, pat, pat. Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere . . .

The MLP now began to jingle. A lot.

Oh, so before it was being polite in its laughter.


Clunk! Ah! There it was!

Jingle, jingle, jiiinggleee!

Gears tried to sit up, but abruptly had to sit back down.

Jingle, jangle, jingle~!

Okay, so that didn't work.

Gears mounted the gun on his chest and began to take aim . . .

Jingle, jangle, jingle, jangle, Jinglejanglejingle!


And Gears slumped back with a relieved moan.


"Gears? Gears?! Can ya hear me? Gears!"

Gears unshuttered his optics blearily before rubbing the area around his optics like he has seen humans on TV do. "Ungh. What the slag happend? I feel like a Stunticon ran me over."

Ratchet slumped with relief. "Hehhuh. Not quite. . . 'Though they almost could be."

"'They'?" Gears asked.

"'They.' More of the little bugger that attacked ya," Ratchet continued the conversation fluidly despite looking like he was checking Gears over for anymore injuries. “That little purple thing that it looks like you went a few rounds with. But don’t worry . . . we took care of them. Took us a while--and we nearly lost Brawn while Wheeljack was trying to get his invention to work--but we did it.”

Gears’ optics widened in shock. There were more of them?

Thunk! Gears’ head landed back on the table. Just slag him and get it over with already!

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