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Mars Armada ([personal profile] marsthewriter) wrote2010-06-18 09:12 pm
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A bit of a writing update . . .

Random 'Verse
For this I need to:
  • Rewatch the series and take notes (about the characters and episodes)
  • Write down all of the current events in my head
  • Use the aforementioned notes to figure out who the characters are
  • Include more canon characters in my plotlines
  • Remember what the events for "A Wrench in the Mechanism" are
  • Finish "A Wrench in the Mechanism"
  • Finish writing out the conversation
  • Post Ani!Nexus LOL entry
Gentleman's 'Verse
May only be a novel idea, not a possible Nexus story
  • Finish copying notes over to new Writing Notebook
  • Write out four versions of scene to figure out the extent of the world I'm writing it/brainstorm possible routes for story to go

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