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Mars Armada ([personal profile] marsthewriter) wrote2010-12-28 08:15 pm
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A bit late in coming . . . (Rant)

But really, Hasbro. . . . Robot. Zombies. That was the best you could come up with for a starting conflict?

And what, dare I ask, are you going to do for the rest of the season? Vampire Robots? Or maybe Wererobots?

Just make Jack Darby a shiny Vampire Robot, the Japanese girl a bajillion times stupider, and Raf a Wererobot and you could make Transformers: Prime as well-beloved a series as the Twilight saga. Yes, that was saracasm.

And you say that this series is gonna last longer than all the others?

Pfft. I would have rather had a fourth season of Transformers: Animated. Now there would have been some actual quality.

Too late now.

And Prime has only like, two 'Cons that actually do anything other than spit back what was said or chase little kiddies all across a town a 1/4 of a mile wide. Soundwave could have been awesome. But nope, you're just too stuck on just having Megatron and Starscream go at each other's throats. In G1, it was entertaining. In Prime, it's just like, "Please just shoot each other already." I may align myself with the Autobots, but come on, give the 'Cons some variety. Transformers: Animated had great 'Cons: Blitzwing, Lugnut, Swindle, BA, Soundwave, and the clones. You hated them, but they were entertaining.

And Ratchet. I actually liked the guy for the first two episodes. Until I found out that "I needed that" was going to become a running gag, and that he basically delivered a butchered paraphrase of the TFAni line: "I may have one servo in the scrap heap, but I can still hear!" Now it's like, really? Hasbro, you're trying too hard. Snarkiness is an art. It takes a certain careful, skillful touch. Not a HACK JOB that can be done as easily has "copy and paste" on a computer! Sheesh.

And Megatron didn't even last two episodes before he was turned into what could basically be Galvatron.


That's all I got to say for now.

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