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To-Do List (no particular order after first two)
  • Complete RL obligations (because I still have them!)
  • Do some German stuff
  • Get all of the events from Random!verse written down on paper to work on later
  • Re-watch G1 series and take some notes
  • Figure out a timeline for Random!verse
  • Re-watch Transformers: Animated! and reacquaint myself with the verse
  • Finish my TFAni Sages entry

I'm currently reading:
  • Glenn Beck's Common Sense by Glenn Beck (91 pgs out of 173 pgs; 52.6% complete)
  • King James Version of the Holy Bible (Currently on Hebrews: 5; 1525 pgs of 1590 pgs; 95.9% complete)

To Read/Take a Look at List
  • The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe
  • InkDeath by Cornelia Funke
  • "The Rainbow Orchid" (British graphic novel)

Current Wishlist
  • Germany in Western Civilization by William Maehl (Book)
  • Allspark Almanac (TPB)
  • Transformers (G1): Season 2: Volume 1 (DVD)
  • Got it.
  • Transformers Animated!: Season 3 (DVD)
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I have recycled my cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and paper. I have turned off lights that weren't needed, and I don't leave my water running all day (because that would increase the water bill).

I have been thinking about sustainability issues in the form of the drought in California. California's been called the "Bread Basket," but can it be the bread basket when the Powers That Be in the Federal Government aren't giving farmers in CA the water they need to grow food because of a fish that's two-inches long!

Really? Are you kidding me? What's more important: the life of a fish or the life and livelihood of Human beings?

We get a lot of the food we eat here in America from California. If those farmers fail like they have, we'll have to import food from outside the United States to feed those people who used to feed themselves!

So, you complain about depending on foreign oil? How about depending on foreign food?!

Save the Newest Endangered Species: THE HUMAN BEING!


But on the topic of stability, I think that the Lord has given us enough natural resources to sustain us until we find newer and better ways to make and use energy as long as we use those resources wisely. Similarly, I think that He has given everything on this planet for our use. Now, does that mean we should go out and purposely slaughter all of the creatures living on this Earth? No. Most people who hunt animals nowadays make eat the animals they kill, and it's the same way with those who fish.

Should we go out and slaughter birds just so that we have a decoration on our hat? I personally don't think so because what does the bird do to shelter the user. I do think, however, that He doesn't mind when we use leather from the skin of animals, and I think that that was one of the purposes of those animals when He created them. The Plains Indians made good use of the buffalo they killed, and I think that as long as we make good use of the animals we kill that it's okay. Many of the skins from the cows we eat go to make leather. And those cows were raises specifically for the purpose of feeding us and for leather. The wild animals aren't being affected by it.

And for those who have problems with killing animals, then what about the poor plants that were killed to make your cotton clothes? Just because they can't move from one spot or make noises doesn't mean they aren't alive.

And for those who think forest fires should be stop no matter how they came about: You're not helping the trees. You're hurting them. Depriving them of the nutrients they need to live and be healthy. A lot of the trees in Yellowstone are dying because of disease. I'm not saying we should commit arson, but I think that if a fire occurs naturally in that area we should allow it to happen to a certain extent. People who live in forests know the dangers of a forest fire, and I think that the fires should go to help the trees and that the firemen should keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't go out of control
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Why is a white Congressman disagreeing with something a black President says or believes being racist?

And how is it different from a black Congressman disagreeing with a white President?

Or is that black Congressman being racist as well?

What's the "defining line"?

Since when has disagreeing with someone being racist? If a white man disagrees with a white man or a black man disagrees with a black man, that's fine, but if the two "races" disagree with each other one of them's being racist?

. . .

Why can't we see past "race?" According to some people, we're all part of the human race. Why are we still making a big deal about the color of someone's skin?

But this time around in a different, yet almost equally as bad sense?

White firemen shouldn't have to sue to get the raises that they deserve just because the black firemen didn't pass a test. Was the test given to each fireman equally and without bias? Was there evidence of doctoring the test results so that the black firemen who did pass the test weren't allowed to do so?

If yes to the former and no to the later, then why couldn't the white firemen who passed the test get the stupid raise?

Other than the fact that that would make the black firemen look bad, but it's only human for some people of all color--white or black--to be worse at some things than others.

. . .

Anyway . . . For those who think that Joe Wilson is racist . . . Where is the evidence that he is and may I see it? (Videos of Joe Wilson hanging out with known racists, Wilson advocating laws that would intentionally mistreat colored people, etc.)

And if you don't have any evidence that Joe Wilson is a racist other than the fact that he disagreed with President Obama said last week, THEN GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE STUPID SAND AND REALIZE THAT SOME OF US AREN'T STUCK IN THE 1950'S!!!!!!!! DISAGREEMENT =/= RACISM!! DISAGREEMENT = FREEDOM OF SPEECH AT WORK!
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I have actually been in support of this for a while. Ever since I first heard about it several weeks ago. Unfortunately, Washington, D.C. is too far away for me to make a trip out there, and Real Life obligations prevented me from traveling to the state to participate in a rally. However, I am very proud of the tens of thousands gathered in Washington, D.C., and also of the thousands in 9-12 rallies across the country. Since I can't be in Washington or the rally in the state and I didn't buy a 9-12 T-shirt show off my beliefs, I'm advertising it here.

From and . . .

the video )

The 9-12 )
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For those who died on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

For those on the hijacked planes which struck the two towers on that Tuesday morning.

For those in the towers that died at the hands of terrorists.

For those on United Airlines Flight 93 who died taking back their hijacked plane and preventing Washington, D.C. from being attacked like the Towers and Pentagon had been.

For those Firefighters who risked their lives and died quenching the flames and attempting to rescue the survivors of the attacks. As well as the Police officers and those who helped in rescue operations.

Let us take a moment of silence and may we never forget. May we always remember the lessons we learned on that day.

May we remember the sacrifice of those who died and honor them by avoiding the mistakes we made before that fateful day.

Let us make sure that that does not happen again.

This is a moment of silence for those who died on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

America will never forget . . . because I will remember.

. . .
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But I'll get into that in a minute . . .

Let's see . . .

First off, Happy Labor Day, Americans! Hope you enjoy your day off! I know I will!

Attack of the <s>Clones</s> Lists! )


And I'll have to rethink how I'm going to do this journal . . .

In other news, Obama's "Green Jobs" Czar has quit! (See here) Supposedly because of right-wing "lies" and "distortions" aimed to "distract and divide," but really, when a news station shows entire uncut video clips of you saying things that are quite frankly radical in a lot of peoples eyes, you can't deny that you believed in those ideas at the time that the clips were made.

There are still 30 other Czars in Obama's administration. Many of them are as radical as Jones is(, and there are clips and quotes to prove it). Hopefully now that concerned Americans have driven Jones out, the other radical Czars will follow suit . . .

EDIT: *facepalm* Obama just replaced Jones with a Manufacturing Czar . . .
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What's the most played song in my music library? Are you freaking kidding? I don't have an Ipod, but I do have an mp3 player. But I don't think it can tell me that. Plus, most of the stuff I listen to is on YouTube, which definitely doesn't have that option.

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May. 20th, 2007 03:34 pm
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