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Name:Mars Armada
Location:United States of America
Website:TF deviantARTaccount

Stand With Courage


"Lazy,""ignorant" American. Big fan of Transformers, Disney, and Pixar. I like listening to music, dancing to said music, reading, and writing Transformers fanfic. I'll be using this account to keep tabs on my fanficing as long with some of my other hobbies.

My TF Fancharacters

G1!Random - [info]lumina_mechnics//[personal profile] lumina_mechnics
ANH!Random - [info]astrotechmech//[personal profile] astrotechmech
Ani!Gears - [info]l33tguardfodder
G1!Rhythm - [info]rhythmicscience
Arm/Eng/Cyb!Raze, Revenge, and Genesis - [info]unicron_sdevil

My Little EEK - [personal profile] mylittleeek

Interests (123):

80s music, aliens from outer space, antauri, art, autobots, being happy, being weird, blades, bonanza, bounty hunters, brave police j-decker, c.s. lewis, captain jack sparrow, cars, castles, chip 'n' dale rescue rangers, chivary, chronicles of narnia, classic fiction, code lyoko, daggers, dancing, disney movies, disney soundtracks, disney's three musketeers, disneyland, dogs, dory the fish, dr jekyll&mr hyde, dragons, drawing, earth, fanficing, fantasy, finding nemo, freedom, friends, futsal, german, german disney music, germany, giant robots, good, happiness, hardwork, having fun, hawks, history, homeward bound, honesty, honor, humility, inkheart, japan, justice, knights, knowledge, la femme musketeer, liberty, life, lilo & stitch, love, magic, martial arts, math, medieval europe, merlin, music, musketeers, nighttime thunderstorms, not being bored, optimus prime, otto, peace, physics, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, pixar movies, positive energy, procrastinating, r2-d2, ratchet, reading, red-tail hawks, robots, samurai, sarcasm, science, science fiction, smiles, soccer, space ships, srmthfg, star wars, starbursts, summer, swedish fish, sword fighters, sword in the stone, swords, tale of two cities, teen titans, the chronicles of narnia, the complete sherlock holmes, the court jester, the incredibles, the spectacular spiderman, transformers, transformers animated, transformers armada, transformers cybertron, transformers g1, treasure island, video games, wall-e, war of the worlds, weird stuff, werewolves, wolves, writing, writing fan fiction, x-men: evolution
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