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Why is a white Congressman disagreeing with something a black President says or believes being racist?

And how is it different from a black Congressman disagreeing with a white President?

Or is that black Congressman being racist as well?

What's the "defining line"?

Since when has disagreeing with someone being racist? If a white man disagrees with a white man or a black man disagrees with a black man, that's fine, but if the two "races" disagree with each other one of them's being racist?

. . .

Why can't we see past "race?" According to some people, we're all part of the human race. Why are we still making a big deal about the color of someone's skin?

But this time around in a different, yet almost equally as bad sense?

White firemen shouldn't have to sue to get the raises that they deserve just because the black firemen didn't pass a test. Was the test given to each fireman equally and without bias? Was there evidence of doctoring the test results so that the black firemen who did pass the test weren't allowed to do so?

If yes to the former and no to the later, then why couldn't the white firemen who passed the test get the stupid raise?

Other than the fact that that would make the black firemen look bad, but it's only human for some people of all color--white or black--to be worse at some things than others.

. . .

Anyway . . . For those who think that Joe Wilson is racist . . . Where is the evidence that he is and may I see it? (Videos of Joe Wilson hanging out with known racists, Wilson advocating laws that would intentionally mistreat colored people, etc.)

And if you don't have any evidence that Joe Wilson is a racist other than the fact that he disagreed with President Obama said last week, THEN GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE STUPID SAND AND REALIZE THAT SOME OF US AREN'T STUCK IN THE 1950'S!!!!!!!! DISAGREEMENT =/= RACISM!! DISAGREEMENT = FREEDOM OF SPEECH AT WORK!

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