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No, first off because I haven't heard of it. Second off, there is NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING!!! The temperatures have been DECREASING the past 10 years and the polar population is INCREASING!

I do believe, however, that there is climate change, but that said climate change occurs naturally without influence from humans. I also think that we should stop putting pollutants in the air, if just to make the air more breathable, and that we've made a big step in a more positive direction with this with such things as clean coal plants.

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I have recycled my cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and paper. I have turned off lights that weren't needed, and I don't leave my water running all day (because that would increase the water bill).

I have been thinking about sustainability issues in the form of the drought in California. California's been called the "Bread Basket," but can it be the bread basket when the Powers That Be in the Federal Government aren't giving farmers in CA the water they need to grow food because of a fish that's two-inches long!

Really? Are you kidding me? What's more important: the life of a fish or the life and livelihood of Human beings?

We get a lot of the food we eat here in America from California. If those farmers fail like they have, we'll have to import food from outside the United States to feed those people who used to feed themselves!

So, you complain about depending on foreign oil? How about depending on foreign food?!

Save the Newest Endangered Species: THE HUMAN BEING!


But on the topic of stability, I think that the Lord has given us enough natural resources to sustain us until we find newer and better ways to make and use energy as long as we use those resources wisely. Similarly, I think that He has given everything on this planet for our use. Now, does that mean we should go out and purposely slaughter all of the creatures living on this Earth? No. Most people who hunt animals nowadays make eat the animals they kill, and it's the same way with those who fish.

Should we go out and slaughter birds just so that we have a decoration on our hat? I personally don't think so because what does the bird do to shelter the user. I do think, however, that He doesn't mind when we use leather from the skin of animals, and I think that that was one of the purposes of those animals when He created them. The Plains Indians made good use of the buffalo they killed, and I think that as long as we make good use of the animals we kill that it's okay. Many of the skins from the cows we eat go to make leather. And those cows were raises specifically for the purpose of feeding us and for leather. The wild animals aren't being affected by it.

And for those who have problems with killing animals, then what about the poor plants that were killed to make your cotton clothes? Just because they can't move from one spot or make noises doesn't mean they aren't alive.

And for those who think forest fires should be stop no matter how they came about: You're not helping the trees. You're hurting them. Depriving them of the nutrients they need to live and be healthy. A lot of the trees in Yellowstone are dying because of disease. I'm not saying we should commit arson, but I think that if a fire occurs naturally in that area we should allow it to happen to a certain extent. People who live in forests know the dangers of a forest fire, and I think that the fires should go to help the trees and that the firemen should keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't go out of control
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What's the most played song in my music library? Are you freaking kidding? I don't have an Ipod, but I do have an mp3 player. But I don't think it can tell me that. Plus, most of the stuff I listen to is on YouTube, which definitely doesn't have that option.

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