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I have actually been in support of this for a while. Ever since I first heard about it several weeks ago. Unfortunately, Washington, D.C. is too far away for me to make a trip out there, and Real Life obligations prevented me from traveling to the state to participate in a rally. However, I am very proud of the tens of thousands gathered in Washington, D.C., and also of the thousands in 9-12 rallies across the country. Since I can't be in Washington or the rally in the state and I didn't buy a 9-12 T-shirt show off my beliefs, I'm advertising it here.

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For those who died on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

For those on the hijacked planes which struck the two towers on that Tuesday morning.

For those in the towers that died at the hands of terrorists.

For those on United Airlines Flight 93 who died taking back their hijacked plane and preventing Washington, D.C. from being attacked like the Towers and Pentagon had been.

For those Firefighters who risked their lives and died quenching the flames and attempting to rescue the survivors of the attacks. As well as the Police officers and those who helped in rescue operations.

Let us take a moment of silence and may we never forget. May we always remember the lessons we learned on that day.

May we remember the sacrifice of those who died and honor them by avoiding the mistakes we made before that fateful day.

Let us make sure that that does not happen again.

This is a moment of silence for those who died on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

America will never forget . . . because I will remember.

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